error: tor connection result... tor circuit not established

hello im a whonix virgin so please excuse my lack of knowledge about whonix and how linux operates. so ive been trying to get this thing to work but it wont connect to tor and this message keeps popping up.

**ERROR: Tor Connection Result:
Whonixcheck gave up waiting.
Tor Circuit: not established
Connection 5 % done. Tor reports: WARN BOOTSTRAP PROGRESS=5 TAG=conn_dir SUMMARY=“Connecting to directory server” WARNING=“No route to host” REASON=NOROUTE COUNT=22 RECOMMENDATION=warn HOSTID=“20462CBA5DA4C2D963567D17D0B7249718114A68” HOSTADDR=“”
Possible issues:

  • Is the host’s internet connection working?
  • Whonix-Gateway will need a few moments for bootstrapping the Tor network.
  • Do you live in a censored area?

Shut down Whonix and try to get the Tor Browser Bundle from working on your host. If you cannot get the Tor Browser Bundle to work, you will most certainly not get Whonix to work either.
The Tor Browser Bundle is great for testing if you live in a censored area. If you need bridges for the Tor Browser Bundle, you will need them for Whonix as well.
Try again: Start Menu → Applications → System → Whonix Check
or in Terminal: whonixcheck
or in Terminal with debugging: whonixcheck --debug --verbose --gui --cli
Use arm, connection page two, to see if Tor is connected:
Start Menu → Applications → System → Arm
or in Terminal: arm**

ive tried tor on my host os and it works perfectly fine and ive also deleted and reinstalled both virtualbox and whonix but to no avail.
idk if this has to do with anything but while it was on the bootup screen it said “failed to start virtual box guest utils”

-arigato :slight_smile:

Hi thedirtest_sprite


Its a connection problem.

In VirtualBox, could you please create a Debian virtual machine and see if you can connect using Tor Browser.