ERROR: The clock is not sane, (whonix 11)

fresh whonix 11 gateway installed on kvm with debian jessie as a host , time synchronizing error occurred. c this:-

the output of tail -f -n 20 /var/lod/sdwdate.log

the problem solved after rebooting+update/dist-upgrade.

Can you please check the following log for errors?

well thats weird , it says all sane?! c this:-

seems it didnt record first timesync or false positive report.

if the false positive existing within the timesync reports then i think we should change the error message from bug or attacker to “…and false positive.”

There is no room for false positives here. It’s either a Whonix bug and/or hdd and/or VM failure.

When it happens next time, please run the following command.

I added the exit code to the new version (https://github.com/Whonix/timesync/commit/2cc53e5196d6959024511e2f88747178de26ac2e).

If you see this issue again before Whonix 12, you could try testing the updated file the would give more clues with debugging:

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