ERROR on whonix check on workstation

Ok my gateway went though whonixcheck fine, but this is the 2nd time I have gotten this error on the workstation after whonixcheck. Please advise here is the error:

NFO: Whonix is produced independently of, with no guarantee from, The Tor Project. Whonix is experimental software. Do not rely on it for strong anonymity.
INFO: SocksPort Test Result: Connected to Tor. IP:
ERROR: TransPort Test Result: Tor’s TransPort was not reachable. (curl exit code: [6] - [Couldn’t resolve host. The given remote host was not resolved.])
(If you disabled Tor’s TransPort, please disable this check, see whonixcheck /etc/whonix.d/30_whonixcheck_default configuration file.)
ERROR: Stream Isolation Test: Skipped, because TransPort test failed! Can not test stream isolation.
INFO: Whonix News Result:
√ Up to date: whonix-workstation-packages-dependencies 2.5-1
√ Up to date: Whonix Build Version:
INFO: Debian Package Update Check Result: No updates found via apt-get.
INFO: Whonix APT Repository: Enabled. When the Whonix team releases JESSIE updates, they will be AUTOMATICALLY installed (when you run apt-get dist-upgrade) along with updated packages from the Debian team. Please read Placing Trust in Whonix ™ to understand the risk. If you want to change this, use:
Start menu → Applications → System → Whonix Repository
INFO: Tor Browser Update Check Result: Up to date.

If it’s a transient error - nevermind.

[quote=“Otto Kratik, post:1, topic:1569”]I am getting this same error suddenly and consistently today, also from within Workstation. “Tor’s control port could not be reached”, etc…

I haven’t changed anything, it just started occurring. Tor bootstrap test still says connected to Tor, and reports connected to Tor.

But Whonixcheck produces this error each time I’ve restarted Workstation so far, today.[/quote]
Unrelated. Moved here:

[quote=“Patrick, post:3, topic:1570”]Unrelated. Moved here:

Sorry, I should have been more clear. The error I was getting from Whonixcheck was identical in every way to the text posted above by new2this. Exact same text, to the letter. That’s why I replied to this thread rather than starting a new one.

The problem did seem to go away the last time I restarted last night, so perhaps it was just transient as you say, and self-resolved after the Tor network corrected the issue.

"Tor’s TransPort was not reachable.“
is different from
"Tor’s control port could not be reached”

[quote=“Patrick, post:5, topic:1570”]"Tor’s TransPort was not reachable.“
is different from
"Tor’s control port could not be reached”[/quote]

Yes… my mistake.