Error messsages


Unofrtunaltely I have to post again as I get an error message while starting the VM and that I don’t understand and how too solve.

Any help is as always welcome.


which host OS do you trying to open VM?

Hi gelapir
I dished that VM. To many problems with it since a few time. Tired not getting an appropriate help even with supporting the project for years.
Thank you anyway for your ineterest.

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Did you uninstall any packages? Careful with that. Required reading:

To attempt to debug, see General Troubleshooting introduction and then proceed with System Logs, systemd unit specific logs / journalctl.

If one wants to do complex, non-default things, it would be required learn the upstream projects Debian / Linux on which Whonix is based on. Mastering general skills such as APT, systemd, journalctl, research, troubleshooting, good bug reports, etc.

And don’t have a dependency on this forum to provide detailed step by step instructions for each specific use case.

Background why it is impossible otherwise:

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