'Error: intramfs-tools not found'

After doing a recent ‘upgrade-nonroot’ on Whonix-Workstation KVM I received this error when booting the ‘live’ mode in grub. Everything seems to be working correctly and the system booted just fine, but I felt like I should report it and inquire if it is okay nonetheless.

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@Patrick Can you reproduce this?

better if you use newer 16.x version. (this behavior seen on old whonix 16 versions)

So you confirm it’s fixed in the latest VBox?

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yes live mode in vbox working with

Just to make sure, is the latest release for the KVM version? It seems to the according to the download page

Is there any danger with this error? I prefer to use KVM.

Yes I’m trying to get in more changes and fixes before making a new release.

No, though it may make live-mode dysfunctional right now.

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Support Request Policy

Live mode seems to be working correctly. My free disk space seems to correspond to the RAM I allotted to it, and the live-check indicator is green. So it seems to be inconsequential.


Sorry about that, I do not mean to waste developer time with trivial issues. I understand the rationale behind the policy, but was uncertain whether this was Whonix specific or not since the problem occurred after an update pulling packages from the Whonix repo. My main concern was simply if it was okay to assume it was safe despite the warning message, but I also just wanted to make the issue known.

I wonder if there is a place I can get community help so I am not hindering the developers? I know of r/Whonix, but one reason I prefer to use this forum is that there is an onion link and because I can use a Mail2Tor email address. Otherwise, I am not super comfortable asking about using an OS designed for anonymity on a general Linux-support forum, but if you know of any that are appropriate for that topic I would love to know.

Thank you both for your patience and hard work. Sorry again for wasting time with trivial issues.


No worries. Thank you for the report!

(That link is just a shortcut to acknowledge the report but without having to write up all the technical details about it.)

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