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Error after last update

After last update this is the screen I get when I X in Whonix-GW loads.
When I enter the pw I get “A critical error occured.”

I have the same problem in my Workstation.
i update the Workstation since 2 days ago than i restart and i show the new login :slight_smile:
When I try to login now always comes this error message.

And yes is the right login name an pw, also the standard login does not work

(sry for my google eng, i hope any understand my problem)

I got struck by the screen in OP as well. The initial update succeeded, but ‘apt-get autoremove’ afterward removed something important, so might be missing dependencies. Had to reinstall the Workstation.

Did you upgrade using the following instructions?

Did mine from memory, but I think it’s the same. The only difference is I forgot to autoremove and ran that afterward, which is what sent it to its doom.

It doesn’t impact me, as I was planning to reinstall.

Hello. I have the same problem. my workstation is stored a lot of information. how do I get her out. the console does not load.