Enable Win key to toggle Whisker Menu in Workstation

It’s great we have Whisker Menu included by default in Workstation-XFCE to provide a familiar Start Menu and task bar layout. Makes it more Windows-like for people adopting Whonix.

But pressing the Win key to toggle the menu still doesn’t work out of the box. Could we include it by default, to improve usability?

The easiest method I know is to install xfce-superkey then launch it and/or simply add xfce-superkey to XFCE autostart. Very simple.

But more suited to include by default in the Whonix image as it’s not as friendly for users to have to install themselves (it’s not in a repo or .deb file).


The next most convenient method I see is using xcape (package in debian repo) but it’s definitely more clunky to set up (requires to manually add a new item with command xfce4-popup-whiskermenu in XFCE’s Application shortcuts to bind the win key to it). Also, not sure if it allows binding for the right super key for people’s keyboards that have two win keys, and if it allows robust conflict resolution between a single Win key press and the win key being used as combination for other hotkeys, as xfce-superkey / ksuperkey does. It may.

Some background info: