enable wiki talk pages?

Is there a (whonix) wiki talk page facility as I see on wikipedia?

Making a minor change, grammar, spelling, I’m comfortable with going in and editing it.

Not so much on less trivial changes - but went looking for an article’s talk page to make mention of what occurred to me.

I do see user/profile talk pages, but no ability to add/edit/start such (on a page’s current author).

If talk has deliberately been turned off by conscious decision, say, in favour of a forum post, could that be noted in an edit page somehow? (Perhaps surrounding the “Your changes will be displayed to readers once an authorized user accepts them. (help)” text?)

Bonus points if clicking a link automatically puts one in compose mode on a post in the appropriate forum, subject titled with page / section / whatever notations.

Don’t want to edit with “I have heard such and so” to be moderated … then the author / moderator must put out effort to remove the descriptive commentary surrounding such conditional contributions - even more work.

A talk page instead lets the such and so be noted, and the author, moderator, or other page subscribers, confirm, correct, deny, accept, as community deemed appropriate.

Wiki talk pages require the new page creation right, which we disabled, because those have shown to be a great source of spam. Also wiki talk pages generally have shown to be a great source of spam. And actual discussion on wiki talk pages is cumbersome. Unfortunately, there is no mediawiki extension ‘discourse forum integration’, that would use the discourse forum as mediawiki talk pages.

If you want to make any bigger changes, you can create a new forum discussion thread if there isn’t already one for that page. It’s fine to have a forum thread linked that links to a forum thread. (Just did that with the i2p page - https://www.whonix.org/wiki/I2P.)

We can also create temporary wiki pages on request. I.e. if Invisible Internet Project (I2P) is the normal page, then https://www.whonix.org/wiki/I2P_temp can be created for big proposals you are unsure about. Once agreement has been found, it can be copied back to Invisible Internet Project (I2P).


Perhaps, then, a separate website/wiki subforum is appropriate?

(And if so, perhaps a top sticky post with recommendations about subject / content / format? I guess wiki talk pages are essentially design and/or code review. Makes me wonder if git brings anything to such a party.)

You’re already using the website sub forum. Website - Whonix Forum

Yes, I know, however I suspect you / the reader would want to separate non-wiki website issues from wiki talk.

e.g. website down / page not working is a different order of message than ‘wiki page on x misses concept y within section z’.

Many readers would be interested in a page or some other website aspect not working heads up, while only documentation readers / authors / moderators would be interested in such.

Hmmm. Maybe dev/documentation makes more sense than website/wiki.

There is not so much up in this website sub forum. We can split it once
there is actually too much activity to justify the split.