enable wiki dark mode


Using a white interface is hard for my eyes to stare for too long and also dark mode looks always nice.

Reasons not to add: release status is beta

Maybe add a the mode as optional and under a beta umbrella dark (beta)

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Click on the three dots of the top right corner and select dark mode, totally work it.

Direct dark mode link to miraheze

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I am not sure that extension will work for us with out MediaWiki customizations but I’ll ask a web developer if that’s possible.

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This wasn’t easy to implement.
(Documentation for Kicksecure ™ Wiki Devs chapter Extension Dark Mode (Fork) in Kicksecure wiki)

There is now a Dark mode button in the wiki footer for a while now. Browser support is lacking. It will get better over time as browsers are updated.

With TBB using Firefox version 102, the dark mode is working nicely for the wiki.

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