Empty .text problem

first problem:- cant create empty file

go to Qubes vm manager and add “file” shortcut to whonix-ws then open it , press on “Home” for example and try to create empty text, = u cant

u can just create “New Folder”

second problem:- no bidirectional text transfer

even if u find any text file and u type anything in it , u cant copy that to tor browser.

like for example u have long passwords or domains …etc

to solve this temporary , u can only create text file with terminal :-

let us assume u want to create the text file in the Documents so:-

cd Documents
> nameofyourfile.text
sudo nano nameofyourfile.text

write whatever u want to write then hit with your keyboard:-


or you can just go to Documents and double-click on the text file and type what u want.


‘file’ or ‘files’?

What’s the name of the file manager?
Go to Help -> About.
Is it Thunar?

Did you create a file that starts with a dot? .

Maybe it’s this… You cannot write to /home. Because the file manager is not started as root. You can only create files within /home/user as user user.


Do you know https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/copy-paste/ already?

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