emaj13 new Whonix development contributor



How can I start to develop in order to collaborate, I know there are several tasks open at this moment; but i would like to know if there is a wiki for starters (starters in the project, not in coding)

Thank you!


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Thank you very much for wanting to support Whonix. A good place to start would be to take a look at the open tasks on our phabricator found here: https://phabricator.whonix.org

The best place to learn about Whonix in general would be our documentation found here: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Documentation

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You mean intro documentation on how to use Whonix or about open dev/research tasks?

As @Ego pointed out we have a bug tracker with open tasks. We always try to document open problems as much as we can.

PS. are you related to the first poster Sirus? Can you tell us about your skill set?


Thanks guys for the quick reply.
I have been using Whonix for several years, now I would like to help in some way.
About my skill set; This is my first try in an open source project… I’ve coded mainly in Java 6, batch, bash, c++, c, web apps using different frameworks… I know something about python, scheme… I’m interested in Algorithms Analysis, InfoSec
I really would like to contribute, at this point any task could be fine for me, but I would prefer to participate in development.

By the way I’m not related to the first poster.


I have not written kernel code, but if there is enough time I could do some research and could help with this very very interesting topic

Yes, I could get involved with this task, @Ego please let me know how can I help

Thank you guys!


Could you work on this C task please? @emaj13



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Thank you very much, great to hear that you are willing to support us. Now, as @HulaHoop mentioned, the main issues currently lie with CSS and a few formating errors present on smaller screen devices. The code can be found and edited here: https://github.com/EgoBits1/Whonix-Website/blob/master/css/style.css

The thing is that it has been looked over by a few people already, however, no one was able to find any significant fault. It would thus be great and very appreciated, if you could take a look at it as well.

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Sure @Ego, I’m already looking at the code, do yo have any particular example of the issue? I mean, I would like to know which are the specific [quote=“Ego, post:25, topic:3543”] formating errors [/quote]



Friendly ping at @Ego.

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I’m so sorry @emaj13, latley I’ve been missing quite a few Posts directed at me.

Regarding your question, one of the most visible and glaring issues may be observed when accessing the Homepage on a vertical mobile device of less then 5.5 Inches in Display size. Parts of the layout seem to not get covered properly under those circumstances.

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Ok @Ego
Let’s see if we could find something