email providers with hidden service

on a search, i have not seen this topic touched in awhile. a number of the traditional free email providers that offer a hidden service have become problematic in a number of ways, whether by google’s recent recaptcha hostility or other requirements.

is anyone aware of a good email provider that can send and receive emails to clearnet addresses that don’t require hoops to jump through that are problematic for anonymity? i have found a couple. but, they are very new and, thus, untested. more interested in services with an established presence that may not be as well known for tor use.

ideal requirements:
offers free access. inbox size not entirely important.
offers pop3.
has active enough admin staff to prevent domain from being added to shared spam blacklists.
during registration, does not require an additional email address for verification, phone number, etc. and uses a captcha that doesn’t near automatically treat tor as hostile.
can send and receive email to/from clearnet addresses.

Hi tempest,

protonmail & tutanota both allow signup with Tor, encrypted inboxes by default; haven’t checked for your other ideal requirements though. No captchas that I recall either.

If you need to signup with another email address (protonmail from memory) you can use tutanota which doesn’t have that requirement. The latter doesn’t let you email for a day or so though after signing up with Tor.

Neither allows Thunderbird style access without a paid account I believe.

PS love your long guide that you do.


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thank you. :slight_smile: i’m looking for something to potentially replace in the guide. recently, there have been a number of issues with registration. at the moment, it is no longer possible over the onion due to recaptcha not appearing. on the clearnet page, clicking on the “i’m not a robot” part of recaptcha opens up an ad page first, which will be confusing to new users. i have a new beta version of the guide that is almost ready to go. only remaining issue is the vfemail registration which just came up in past 2 weeks. could maybe switch it to mail2tor but, iirc, there was a reason i decided against that in the past. just don’t recall exactly why.

edit: recall now on mail2tor. it’s imap only for a client. and, at the moment, the imap onion appears to be down.

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