elite proxies blocked in my country

hello everyone
i have to use 60 elite proxies at different hours of the day on my telegram messanger
but this 60 proxy blocked by dpi in my country

(60 elite proxy from public proxy sites - These 60 proxies are not fixed and change every day)

The only solution that i could find for this problem is :

laptop --> connect to vpn --> share vpn connection to my android phone using laptop access point --> connect to proxy

(something like this proxy through vpn ;D)

But this method dramatically reduces the connection speed to proxies
for example 100ms to 200ms speed
And the telegram will connect with a delay of 40 seconds

Does anyone have a better idea to unblock proxies in my country and And proxies work at their true speed?

** i am sorry for my bad english language - I am from a third world country

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  1. Elite proxies are garbage for real anonymity. Tor is your only realistic anonymity solution.

  2. This is not a support forum for random VPNs.

  3. Telegram is cryptographically a train wreck. Move to something else.

  4. Tor is available on Android under the name Orbot. Also decent XMPP chat apps that use OMEMO encryption.

  5. Tor is resistant to DPI blocking by using pluggable transports like meek or obfsproxy4.


Welcome to the Whonix forum agh620 !

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I agree with HulaHoop on all points except

Originally, Telegram’s encryption was pretty bad but they fixed all the issues with MTProto 2.0. As long as you use secret chats. I still wouldn’t recommend it over something like Signal though.

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Has this been audited?

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Telegram 4.6, released in December 2017, supports MTProto 2.0, which Telegram claims now satisfied the conditions for IND-CCA

Telegram promised since at least March 2014 that “all code will be released eventually”, including all the various client applications (Android, iOS, desktop, etc.) and the server-side code.[135] As of March 2019, Telegram still hasn’t published their server-side source code.[136][137] Publishing the server-side code would allow anyone to audit the server’s code and verify that it works correctly and handles user data securely, instead of relying on Telegram’s claims that it’s indeed secure.


Not that I know of.

The encryption happens client-side. The server makes no difference in the strength of the encryption. The clients are all open source which allows anyone to audit the actual encryption. The server being open source won’t matter much anyway as you have no way to verify that the code they give you actually runs on their servers.

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Though not directly realted to security, it is important that the server be open for freedom reasons so people can independently host their own solutions or for diversity of the ecosystem which helps against political pressure.

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