ElectrumX Package Dependency Installation python3-rocksdb

I follow the instructions Bitcoin How-to: Use ElectrumX Personal Server in Whonix
after executing the command

sudo apt install --no-install-recommends git python3-rocksdb python3-aiohttp python3-plyvel electrum


Unable to locate package python3-rocksdb

what is the reason?

Outdated documentation perhaps.

Unspecific to Whonix:

Suggested rephrasing:

How to install ElectrumX on Debian (bookworm)?

Can be resolved as per:

Thank you for your reply,

I think that the term "Outdated " is not correct here because the manual specifies the current version of Debian/Whonix.

Unfortunately I didn’t find a solution(

Is it possible to correct the manual? I think it would be useful for many users.

As per Self Support First Policy for Whonix please contact ElextrumX, Debian, etc.

Your manual was valuable because it described in detail step by step the installation procedure by those who are trusted by many people. And it is a pity that such a demanded part of the manual as the installation of your own BTC server has become irrelevant now(

It looks like apt no longer has a package for rocksdb.

You could follow the instructions for installing it via their website

  1. With pip
  2. From source

Or if you arent comfortable with that, you can use another database per the ElectrumX docs


Clearly things have changed a bit, and that package is no longer available. The maintainers of this project have limited time and resources, and appreciate your assistance in helping us figure out outdated things in thebopen source world.


You can, you have to, trust upstream equally if not more since closer to the origin of the software with fewer middleman.

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Extra extra read all about it :tada:

Thanks for the reply - the first time something concrete has been said!

I have tried using Debian 12 with all the installation options described at Installing — python-rocksdb 0.6.7 documentation
and unfortunately they all failed.

As for using other databases, I don’t understand why the original Whonix manual uses both plyvel and rocksdb when the Electrumx manual suggests using one of several options?

Is there somewhere a normal manual on how to install ElectrumX on Debian 12?

I already gave you this information.


You could test to install python3-rocksdb from Debian sid unstable as per documentation:
Install Additional Software Safely chapter Install from Debian Unstable in Kicksecure wiki

(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)

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a lot, it seems like it might work!
When trying to install, there are many dependency inconsistencies and, unfortunately, failure again.

Wiki was updated. Dependency issue was resolved.

Thanks to @ben-grande for contributing the fix!

There might be some other minor updates to the related documentation updates (PyLRU…) soonish.

Note to self:

PyLRU signing key:



This will be reflected in the documentation soonish.

This has been completed. Documentation has been updated and re-tested.