Electrum LTC not connected

I installed electrum ltc from this guide Electrum-LTC - Whonix . I still have the not connected status. I can’t really change anything in the connection settings. Please advise.

If Whonix generally works for you, there is very much likely nothing wrong with Whonix.

Could be Tor Censorship. Meaning, Electrum LTC being hosted behind CDNs such as Cloudflare that don’t accept connections from the Tor network. See the linked wiki page.

You could try to bypass it with a tunnel.

User → proxy/VPN/SSH → Tor → Internet

Could also be because Electrum LTC is no longer maintained upstream. I don’t know. Last commit almost 1 year ago.

A user reported a bug Synchronization does not complete - Electrum LTC · Issue #316 · pooler/electrum-ltc · GitHub with no reply by upstream or anyone after 4 months.

Then also this looks scary:

This branch is 1736 commits ahead of, 2077 commits behind spesmilo/electrum:master.

At their activity level, I don’t think they can have a confident fork away from upstream spesmilo/electrum.

Thanks for the detailed answer. I found out that the connection problem occurs only when I follow these instructions

"1. Create folder ~/.local/share/applications.

mkdir -p ~/.local/share/applications

  1. Open file ~/.local/share/applications/electrum-ltc.desktop in a text editor of your choice as a regular, non-root user.

If you are using a graphical environment, run.
mousepad ~/.local/share/applications/electrum-ltc.desktop

If you are using a terminal, run.
nano ~/.local/share/applications/electrum-ltc.desktop

  1. Paste the following contents.

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=bash -c ‘~/bin/electrum-ltc --oneserver --server’

  1. Save.

  2. Done.

The Electrum-LTC start menu entry available should be available."

If I run from command line ~/bin/electrum-ltc, everything is OK and works normally

p.s. when installing the wallet according to the instructions, I installed the latest version available on the website, probably 4.2.2 and not 4.0 from the guide.


Add a Electrum-LTC Start Menu Entry - Debian based Offline Computer

If you don’t use a Debian based Offline Computer then you cannot use these instructions.

Ok, now I understand everything. Is there an instruction/command to add this wallet to the start menu, like e.g. electrum bitcoin is originally in Whonix?


–oneserver --server

Unspecific to Whonix.