Edit multiple pages to remove 4 hop.

On every page that can be found outside of the Vangaurd page Whonix promotes itself still as using 4 hops. This is not true, has not been true since around December.

Below are the links on the Whonix site that were found, might be more. This includes the main page you first go to as it still says 4 server relays as an additional bonus to Whonix which is now a false advertisement. The Main Page also shows it as an advantage 14 clicks deep in the Additional Features you can scroll through.

Page below mentions Vanguards as an aditional step of privacy. No longer valid. In Network Security section.

Many on this page below

Only this link has the current truth of the lowered privacy. It is also not linked in the Documentation Page for ease of access which it should be.

Might want to have updates on the Vanguard page if it is still being worked on as currently looks dead.


Thank you for the quick fixes, but one area missed. The Server Avg Relay being listed as 4 on the main page. Took image to show what I mean.

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