download warnings

i believe in the download page there should be a warning when somebody attempts to download for windows or virtualbox, something along lines of “please read this” and it would redirect them to a whonix wiki page on windows host issues that can make whonix useless as well as virtualbox closed source nature

Not closed source. →

What’s non-ideal is the compilation toolchain issue for the compiler of the BIOS. →

The compiler required to compile the BIOS is source-available, under Sybase Open Watcom Public License - Wikipedia, an OSI approved licensed but not FSF approved and not DFSG approved.

The licensing situation is being worked on and that’s great but that won’t increase the actual security of VirtualBox. →
Change the license of Open Watcom · Discussion #271 · open-watcom/open-watcom-v2 · GitHub

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thanks, didn’t know that virtualbox was open source!

but shouldn’t a windows download page have some kind of warning? i have my windows system very locked down yet it still spies on me like i didnt tweak anything, i’d expect that to completely defeat purpose of whonix no?