Download Page Redesign for KVM, Qubes and More Needed


Most likely not impossible, but it needs someone who speaks html. It’s essentially a commissional work. Nothing generic one can ask in a forum. No one will do this for free unless they’re interested to contribute to the project.


i know one hes well good in website programing but i donno which languages he knows , i have asked him already and waiting his respond.


ok . he answered me and said that he will do it but not exactly now, but soon. because he said i need to refresh the CSS+html plus am busy atm.


Was just fixed by a new volunteer.


yeah very good , at least the table now is stable when minimizing/maximizing the page. but there is minor issue in the last part of the table c the image:-

i have tried to fix it , but it looks different/difficult for me to do. i wonder if he noticed that and hope he can fix.

glade to c new volunteer :slight_smile:


Not a bug.