Download Page Redesign for KVM, Qubes and More Needed

I thought someone had to seed it for this to work but I saw it was a webseed generated from the mirror.
No, it's working all time, no? If not, we shortly hear from someone.
If no one seeds the files besides the main server, there is no point providing that option IMO. I can easily remove it.
Once it's deprecated, you immediately hear from everyone using that. It was feature request that has been implemented.
do you still want Qubes mentioned on there?
Does Qubes have a dedicated page about Whonix to introduce the project to their users?
Yes: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Qubes

Ok pushed new changes. Please take a look.

Made some changes. Now we have duplicate footnotes. Non-ideal.

I am trying to imagine being a first time visitors. Thinking if the whole picture of the whole page makes sense. Since the “Install Whonix” chapter is still VirtualBox specific…

Wondering, do we need a shared Download page where all tables are listed on the same page?
We could also consider to move chapters such as

  • First time user
  • Download Whonix
  • Verify the Whonix images
  • Stay tuned
  • Known bugs
    to templates. Then leave it to the platform specific page (KVM, Qubes, VirtualBox, …) to import those templates.

Agreed. The page layout is too cluttered. I still think there should be one dedicated page listing all available platforms. If you want to move each download table to its respective platform page it would make more sense - and link to those from the dedicated page.

As it is now, the page is “good enough” because now users can get an idea of whats supported and easily access it from there. The proposed changes while better might be more longterm. Should I write a blog post about the changes?

Yes, as of now it is “good enough”. Better than before, when it was VirtualBox-only.

Dedicated page about all platforms sounds good. I was wondering about that also. Finally, the Download page should be deprecated and redirect to a general small comparison page of supported platforms. (Mentioning stuff like supported host operating systems and so forth whatever is important for first time visitors. From there just link to the full platform specific wiki page.)

Yes, long term. This is what this thread is about. It initially started with a huge blog post if you don’t mind to get back.

Blog post or not for now, I am neutral either way.

Done moving into templates:

Done with the VirtualBox page:

Done with the Qubes page:

Moved more into templates:

Done with KVM page:

now the downloading page is way better than before , good job well done. (f)

Just finished “dismantling” the Download page:

Next step is to actually address this:

Maybe this can be split into smaller steps. Trying to see this from the perspective of first time visitors of whonix.org that just want to try out Whonix. On the main page or Download page (even if that would bend the term), we can show a nice graphical table about supported platforms. Recommendations per host operating system. (https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Dev/Download_Wizard#By_Host_Operating_System) A table like this:

host operating system | knowledge | recommendation | security
Windows | newcomer | VirtualBox | for testing
Mac | newcomer | VirtualBox | for testing
Linux | newcomer | VirtualBox | for testing
Linux | advanced | KVM | for production
Qubes | advanced | Qubes-Whonix | for production

Other stuff such as download method, download anonymity, download threat models and download security would not be improved right now. Just sticking to the existing download tables. This can be implemented at a later time when we have better ideas.

Done with that:

I am not entirely happy with it. Especially not with the flow that someone visiting Whonix’s main page is experiencing. I guess the main page also could use a redesign.

Moved the list of supported platforms to the Main Page:

true it needs to redesigned with some graphical easy guides in the downloading page , for me when i remember firstly saw whonix i didnt know qubes nor kvm nor building from source code just download whonix for vbox. can u make it horizontally ? and we can add above each one a photo describing it?

i will search in the websites to take some ideas from them, i will do that on the night.

but so far u have achieved the basic part of it

regarding supported platforms on the main page u need to fix the size of it.

What do you mean by fix size?

c the edges of the table:-

ok now i checked again , the edges been fixed.

I see. Depends on browser window size. That’s why I haven’t noticed. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do this.

what do u think about these table styles:-

1- http://designshack.net/wp-content/uploads/TT-horizontal.jpg

2- http://designshack.net/wp-content/uploads/TT-onehub.jpg

3- http://designshack.net/wp-content/uploads/TT-mine.jpg

or its impossible to be made in wikis ? if it possible, then do u know how to program that or u need a hand help here? if u need a hand help then i will try to communicate and c what i can get.

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