doubt about pruned node of monero in whonix


i was searching info about this matter but i have some issues with that…

i tried to follow the guide of this website —>

but i would like to accomplish it only in whonix with virtualbox without using qubes os because i don’t like the idea of paravirtualization solutions such as xen , which require that the guest operating system be modified… —> this could work only in whonix? , i can’t test qubes in vmware or vbox … → does anyone recommend it?

I have some amounts of monero and I would look for this for privacy & security purposes
it is better to host my own blockchain node even if i am using Tor


Too complex. I doubt there’s going to be a lot of input here. Happy to be proven wrong.

This most likely needs to be resolved as per:

Try to remove the Whonix-specific part from your question. Try to set this up using Debian stable + VirtualBox. If you can accomplish that, then replicating such as setup with Whonix is probably possible as Whonix doesn’t add artificial restrictions.

Milestone 1) setup a normal Monero full node over Tor (Whonix) and see if that works good enough for you. That is useful before going into complex wallet isolation setups.

That seems generally to be the consensus for Bitcoin and Monero.


Thanks for your reply

I was reading the link about self support first policy

I’m sorry I was not aware about the free online help and how is it is managed by the support team at whonix…

it was not my intention to waste your time

I was looking for information before in google

Respecting what you say it’s complicated this configuration…

However I think that i may finally found the tutorial to follow


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