Dont Change the Subject Name

i know sometimes when the subject/topic being active a new additional things would needs to be modified in order to make it more clearer.


in this wiki link:

its referring to:


(ofcourse it will not work, and it will show " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.")

because the correct link is:


it changed because the name of the topic changed.


1- anyone who created an active topic or linked it to another forum/website , make sure you change the link in both places.

2- take your best shot with the topic name at the first time , then you will avoid yourself changing it frequently.

3- I dunno if this solution in our hands but if we can make dicourse redirecting the user from the old name of the topic to the new name of the topic. (as it log/keep the old name in the server as referral for redirecting or any other mechanism). @mig5 is it possible?

That’s already a feature in Discourse. It looks like the original link is simply wrong because it needs to have the /NNNN at the end where /NNNN is a numerical identifier.

E.g this redirects as expected:

Whoever made the original link has taken off the /5739 and that’s caused it to not redirect to the new link.





I am guilty of that. I don’t like the links with numbers. Since not clear linking to which post. So removed. Problem is, without the numbers these links break on topic rename.

scroll all the way up before copying a link to a subject to get the first post