[Done] Whonix old logo refinement

Now that lasko added our old logo again to https://www.whonix.org

Original TorBOX logo created by CJ:

Whonix logo based on TorBOX logo edited by a fumbler (me, who knows 0 about graphic editing):

There is “dirt” on both picutres. On the Whonix logo you can see it better. On the white background you can see a few unnecessary dots.

Also on the box itself are a few dots that are too dark. Those should be removed as well, no?

Back to the drawing board…

Can you create a refined Whonix logo based on the original TorBOX logo please?

Why are we reviving this logo?

Why not. It is still used in many places. Many prefer this logo. While the bigger, newer Whonix logo looks well in the blog, the old, smaller logo has still space on the main page.

Perhaps I am also getting tired by complaints about the new logo and due to some psychological effect I start preferring the old one.

Maybe some day we should start a logo contest.

Old forum is gone now but I remember discussion about potential future problems with The Tor Project.

Two logos seem confusing. Perhaps it’s just me.

I’ve cleaned the logo, but unsure whether imgur preserved the transparency:

The preview them in the forums, you can use the following code.



You may also upload pictures on whonix.org. Just go to some test page such as:
Then hit the edit button. No account required.
Drag the picture and “Drop files here”.
Then you’ll see.

  • That one is much brighter than the old one.
  • The black line in the box are more difficult to see.
  • Box label background changed from yellow to white.
  • And added a white background.
  • Also color depth was reduced, was this on purpose?

Can you fix this please?

The two in comparison:



another try

drag/drop to the wiki didn’t work for my browser

another: attempts to match the earlier "yellow"

swims latest work (BBCode (message boards & forums)).

It looks better, but the “dirt” on the picture was reintroduced. (Little gray dots outside the box.) Can you fix that please?

crossed fingers. Hopefully this copy is clean:



When you see them in comparison, the new one looks much too dark.

Right now, YES that last looks too dark in my browser. Hard to believe I didn’t notice that immediately after uploading.
I have no idea why the light/dark sometimes gets changed when uploaded.
(wound up with that too-light version, earlier, when I tried to adjust based on what I’m seeing rendered in browser after upload)

another attempt:
switching back-n-forth between browser tabs, colors/lightness in this seems close to what I’m seeing in the original “old” image.

In comparison.




Looks good! Thank you!

Something i did fastly this morning. A “purple” box. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks nice.

I guess using vertical text would be better than horizontal text.

And posting a new thread could get some more attention. And if you wish, we can also do a blog post about this.

It would be great. I spent 15 min to do this. But i must admit the result isn’t that bad.
If Whonix really needs a new logo, we could open a new topic and/or even open a sort of contest.

The result is great !

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