Donating anonymously & easily is there any easiest way?

Donating anonymously & easily is there any easiest way?

Cash in the mail with no return address. Avoid getting fingerprints on the cash and envelope if you are paranoid.

You will want to confirm with Patrick if he got it in case your mail service pilfers letter contents.

I can just mail you a blank check, and when you see Patrick, if you don’t mind leaving it under his door?

cash donations are currently only possible for bigger sums. (Since I don’t wish to publish my personal address on the internet and since acceptance of the donation is done by a third party that has to do bookkeeping.)

Donating to Whonix ™

well, I was asking a serious question, and I’ve seen the URL, but yet, a man asks …

Unfortunately, money and anonymity isn’t easy nowadays. I don’t have a
good answer to this.

There is some more info on anonymous money here:

(I don’t necessarily post links for the thread starter. I like to
reference them so everyone else can be on the same page.)

thanks again, but really, I’m just for the best option, paypal is probably easiest, buying bitcoins for cash is probably most anonymous, but also risky and time consuming, so something in between …

between is using non ATM cash-in terminals w/o built-in cameras accepting load to fake wallet in any e-payment, then local bitcoin with minimal charges and if like to, btc-e codes for broking chain:) or just drop CC with medical mask and eyeglass xD anyway, there human (if BTC for cash - don’t you hear about cop provocations there? it’s no way safe way lol) or terminal anyway, imo terminal safer as hi-tech:)

just remember saving the check when load money cuz you may get refund in any way if wallet burns for any reason, eg fake data - data etc is just a paperwork managers or even cops can leave themself on a wall:)

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I think the term “large amounts” (of cash) should be defined somewhere, so generous contributors who want to use Patrick’s third party method are clear.

Is it $1,000; $5,000; more?

Of course with Bitcoin hitting > 2K, a bitcoin or three is probably preferable these days. :slight_smile:

Large amounts is undefined. Anything from $ 500 should work, but I have
to ask when time has come.