Does whonix protects against not so friendly operating systems MacOS

Are there risks of de anonymization by using a not so friendly operating system like macos? What are the threats from the host os side if any? It is optimal to use qubes or Kicksecure but, the hardware and security that’s offered by Mac is really good. Plus the M2 chips make the experience on whonix extremely good.

To elaborate a little bit, for example say you are signed into you apple ID, does that effect the anonymity? Or pose a threat when using whonix?

What are anybodys tips?

Does whonix protects against not so friendly operating systems MacOS

No. This is impossible.

Documented here:
Virtualization Platform Security - Kicksecure chapter Host Insecurity leads VM Compromise in Kicksecure wiki
(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)

Host Operating System Selection - Whonix chapter macOS Hosts in Whonix wiki

All / maximum.

Thanks for the reply. It’s a difficult decision to find good hardware to accommodate all security needs. For the recommended operating systems. QubesOS lacks secureboot/verified boot. No promising candidate yet. Macos hardware security is just really good. Hopefully soon we will have a privacy respecting solution to secure hardware. Only thing I can think of is raptor computing systems, but too expensive.

You can always just throw debian → kicksecure on an old thinkpad and that will get you pretty far for running whonix.

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