Does the Whonix gateway encrypt data?

Does the Whonix gateway encrypt the data that goes through it? So, for example, when Internet traffic data is sent through the gateway, does the data get encrypted?

If not, is there a way to add extra encryption to it? (Or is it just not advisable to alter the settings of the gateway)

You cannot end-to-end encrypt something at one endpoint if the other endpoint does not support end-to-end encryption.

It’s only encrypted from Tor running on Whonix-Gateway throughout the Tor network and terminating at the Tor exit relay. What the Tor exit relay can see depends on if end-to-end encryption was used. If you send cleartext, Tor exit can see cleartext. If end-to-end encryption used, Tor exit relay can only see that.

Tor Browser Essentials contains an image which illustrates that.


Is the HTTPS protocal an end-to-end encryption protocal? (Does HTTPS encrypt data?) If HTTPS is used, can a Tor exit node see the data?

https: is browser to SSL terminator (web server). Tor exit relays shouldn’t see its contents. Note, that SSL itself has issues. See:

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