Does the live mode for whonix and kali both run off of ram in virtualbox?

I know if you boot kali from a USB live mode, that everything is run off of RAM. However, if you were to run kali through whonix using the live-boot iso in virtualbox is Kali and whonix both run completely off of RAM in the VM?

you can do that with whonix:

debian installed on USB then install whonix+vbox or kvm then install live-mode in debian host after that your host can run as a live USB similar to the scenario you have mentioned (running only in RAMs)

Thanks for replying, I am kind of confused if you dont mind clarifying a little. Lets say I am running Ubuntu as my host OS. Then I install virtualbox in Ubuntu. Then I install whonix in virtualbox, then I would boot a live kali USB/iso in virtualbox correct and adjust the network settings. Is that how it would work.
I was confused when you said install live-mode in debain host. If my above scenario is not correct and the kali VM would not be running completely from RAM in virtualbox if you could point me to description/how to explaining of what you mean and or how to accomplish it I would greatly appreciate it

This is the only proper way and only thing you’ll need:

Thank you!

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