Does Gagim have stream isolation for multi contacts online at same time?

So I am using Gajim. Suppose I have two contacts and I use separate accounts to chat with each one. We are all on the same XMPP server using OMEMO. Can my two accounts be correlated to both be the same user (me )? Do things get isolated somehow ? Or do I have to make sure only one account is ‘available’ at same time, and reset Tor to get a new IP for each chat session ?

The way DNS is routed with Gajim is that always has to go through the TransPort only
This is not a limitation on Whonix’s end. This is an issue with python and the way that proxys would have to be configured to be completely stream isolated.
To be absolutely sure to avoid correlation only use one account at a time. And only one account per Tor session.

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