Does enabling flathub repository has any security impact?

Hi. I have a question about flathub. If I have enabled the flathub repository and installed monero gui(like in guide on kicksecure forum), should I disable these repositories for security reasons? Should they be enabled for updates? Will disabling them be safer and not have a negative impact on monero gui? Thanks for answer

like what kind of security reasons?

you installed the package from flathub, so the package already there in your space, and the package needs updates from time to time (like any other package), so not aware of any security impact.

User answer:
No special action required. No additional information required or available.

Information security theory:
Study this page:

(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)

thanks for the answer. If I have Monero Gui version installed and now the latest version to, do I have to perform such actions to update it or does the package update itself?

edit: I already found the answer that I need to update flatpak “flatpak update”