Docs choosing an ISP

I remember I read a doc that advice how to choose a better ISP that have better security and respect privacy of their users. But now I can’t find this doc. I remember in doc types:
ISP must allow you to edit the router settings and give you access to the router
ISP that redirect to ISP Login Page and ask you the login and password. If you login you are allowed to browse internet - it’s a bad ISP
There was more advices

Unless you are fortunate to live in a place served by calyxinstitute ISP almost all your options are guaranteed to have a NSA surveillance blackbox installed upstream in their facilities. VPNs act as alternative ISPs but the whole strategy is a losing one since it is privacy by policy not design.

Just use Tor and forget about finding a honest ISP. If this was an option we wouldn’t need Tor in the first place.

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