Do obfs4 bridges impact stream isolation?

Does using bridges to connect to the gateway impact anonymity and stream isolation of multiple tor clients running simultaneously from the gateway?

Quote Configure (Private) (Obfuscated) Tor Bridges Roger Dingledine, of

[…] Bridges are less reliable and tend to have lower performance than other entry points. If you live in a uncensored area, they are not necessarily more secure than entry guards. […]

Same as if using Tor or Tor Browser. Unspecific to Whonix.

Tor chooses the path through the Tor network. Whonix does not influence that.

It depends on what you mean by stream isolation. Very complex.

  • “No:” The simple way to answer would be to say “no impact”. The IPs at the Tor exit level will still be cycling. Meaning if you visit different IP check websites over time, you’ll still see different IP addresses.
  • “Yes:” It has an “impact”. The bridge is becoming your Tor entry guard. The number and cycling of Tor entry guards might be different from Tor public network (not using bridges) users. Therefore there might be a different path selection through the Tor network. In how far that makes what kind of difference is Tor research level questions and outside the scope of Whonix support.

Also same as if using Tor or Tor Browser. Unspecific to Whonix.

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