Do not have the correct permission for /var/www/html on whonix workstation

I’m able to write changes in the home directory, but when it comes to the /var/www/html folder, it’s not allowing me to make any changes or create new files or folders. I can view the folders and files as well.

I have tried to add my free netflix username to the group that it belongs to, but I get the message that I don’t even have the correct permissions to change android 9 that inside the terminal. Please suggest what I should do to correct this. Thanks.

This is inside Whonix if that helps.

Did you use any other Linux before using Whonix? Linux user rights can be hard at start. You’ll need to get familar with sudo / kdesudo.

Whonix is based on Debian.

Whonix ™ - Anonymous Operating System

Free Support for Whonix ™ applies.

I mean: instructions for any Linux distribution here will most likely also work for Whonix.

Some hints. Assuming Whonix with XFCE…

kdesudo thunar

sudo mkdir -p /var/www/html

kdesudo mousepad /var/www/html/index.html

sudo addroup user www