Do i leak my ip?

hye, i was connected to my hosting server from whonixworkstation. Accidentally i press ‘x’ on Arm in gateway, it restart tor internal state. Does i just leak my ip? Because at that time when i press x on gateway i was connected to my server. I thinking if i stop tor connection in gateway than my ip was leaked, because i was still connected to server while the tor was off for few seconds. I’m right ? I hope someone will understand my English and what i’m asking =) ty

Probably not. Turning off Tor in Whonix-Gateway does not result in Whonix-Workstation being able to establish non-torified connections.

‘Connection’ is a loose term. TCP is specifically designed to overcome short periods of even physical disconnect. Connections are considered ‘open’ for a while even after a physical disconnect until ‘timeout’ is reached. Any client applications, browsers, ssh, etc. as well as server applications don’t instantly ‘close’ the connection if some package cannot be transmitted. They’re re-transmitted until ‘timeout’ is reached. Maybe read more about TCP. Or https://mosh.mit.edu is interesting, works similarily. It takes the “keep connection open” to the “extreme”. Even during longer connection breakup it will re-establish and not log you out.


Something to avoid anyhow. (An external observer seeing your Tor connection down as well as your server connection down.) (Related to https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Warning#Confirmation_attacks.)

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