Do i leak my ip?

hye, i was connected to my hosting server from whonixworkstation. Accidentally i press ‘x’ on Arm in gateway, it restart tor internal state. Does i just leak my ip? Because at that time when i press x on gateway i was connected to my server. I thinking if i stop tor connection in gateway than my ip was leaked, because i was still connected to server while the tor was off for few seconds. I’m right ? I hope someone will understand my English and what i’m asking =) ty

Probably not. Turning off Tor in Whonix-Gateway does not result in Whonix-Workstation being able to establish non-torified connections.

‘Connection’ is a loose term. TCP is specifically designed to overcome short periods of even physical disconnect. Connections are considered ‘open’ for a while even after a physical disconnect until ‘timeout’ is reached. Any client applications, browsers, ssh, etc. as well as server applications don’t instantly ‘close’ the connection if some package cannot be transmitted. They’re re-transmitted until ‘timeout’ is reached. Maybe read more about TCP. Or is interesting, works similarily. It takes the “keep connection open” to the “extreme”. Even during longer connection breakup it will re-establish and not log you out.


Something to avoid anyhow. (An external observer seeing your Tor connection down as well as your server connection down.) (Related to Whonix ™ and Tor Limitations)