DNS leak in Tor -> VPN


I’m not sure if I’m writting in proper category so if there’s something wrong please move the topic.

So I have the following issue:

I want to hide the fact that I’m connecting to internet service from tor so I setup openvpn server on vps. I connect to this openvpn server with openvpn client from my whonix workstation (virtualbox). Connection is set through tcp.

When I launch website like dnsleaktest with enabled vpn connection on my whonix workstation I can see my openvpn server IP but when I launch dns leak test I can see that I’m still using dns provided by tor exit node so there’s dns leak.

My question in how to fix this dns leak. I tried to find something on the forum but with no effect. I would be grateful if you can show me step by step instruction with commands I need to enter in terminal and any changes in configuration of my whonix workstation. I’m new to whonix so exact explains will be nice :slight_smile:

Bless you