Disposable Qubes-Whonix vs. Non-Qubes-Whonix Live Mode?

On the VM Live-Mode docs, it clarifies that " This is only available in Non-Qubes-Whonix ™."

First off, great work on the Live Mode!

I’d appreciate some clarity on how it differs from a disposable Whonix Workstation Qube. Perhaps adding a comparison table to the Live-Mode docs would be warranted as well?

My guess is that they share a baseline of non-persistence, but the differences are:

  • The possibility of Gateway non-persistence, though this is likely undesirably due to wanting to maintain the same Guard Node (though maybe this is achievable with making sys-whonix in Qubes disposable?)
  • Live-Mode has the option of Read-Only disk access whereas this isn’t the case in Qubes (?)
  • Qubes can’t eliminate all clearnet traffic as per the differences listed between Whonix-Host and Qubes-Whonix

Thank you for any clarification, and solid work!

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