Disabling cookies and anonymity/privacy

I have been disabling cookies in my TBB for some time, and as long as I am not logging in to sites my experience has been painless.

How does disabling cookies in the settings affect fingerprinting/anonymity?

Site will recognize the one user who is running Tor Browser but doesn’t accept cookies unlke 99.9% of other Tor users.

General rule: we don’t fucks with the defaults


This is also a non-Whonix specific question which could be redirected to The Tor Project, the developers of Tor as per https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Free_Support_Principle.

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Okay, sounds like this would be something only for a specific use case where temporary privacy is slightly more important than anonymity.

Disabling cookies is pointless. The Tor Browser uses first party isolation so cookies and other local data can only access the website it’s from. E.g. whonix.org can only access whonix.org and can’t access any other website.

Tor Browser also clears all cookies on shutdown and when clicking the New Identity button.

Disabling cookies will make you stand out from most other Tor Browser users and will worsen anonymity. Detecting if cookies is enabled or not is pretty easy to do and many websites do it already.


To the OP, they allow first party cookies because if you block these you will have a very boring and broken internet. A better approach would be to keep you security slider on “safest” and let Tor handle the cookies. This way you blend in with the other user and are also pretty well protected. many patched vulnerabilities can be attributed to exploits in javascript

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