Disable lockscreen and enable auto login

I have looked everywhere in the settings and disabled everything that says lock and screen. I have done the reverse of the instructions to disable auto-login, and still the screen will lock, and it asks for password on startup. I try to google for whonix specifically, but there are few results. I have also tried looking for XFCE. I can find nothing that works.

Are there any packages I could be missing that cause this?

NOTE: This started after a dist upgrade to the latest when it came out many months ago. This is why I think it could be missing or extra packages.

That’s strange, I have the opposite problem. I never had a screen lock, and I want one. The Xfce settings are hard to navigate

Auto-login is the default.

No other reports that this got broken.

I recommend a factory reset (Re-installation Approach) as this might have happen either due to user action (package removal), release upgrade issues. Otherwise hard to debug.

(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)

Otherwise if you want to search more, the main thing to investigate for auto login is the login manager. Depending on which one you’re using (gdm. lightdm, kdm, xdm, …). Auto login or not is up to the login manager. It is a login manager setting.

I can see it load the desktop, and then I see my username that I click on to enter the password. Does the lock screen have that or just a password prompt?

The prompt after boot is the login manager. Should be autologin.

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