Direct Internet connection to Whonix gateway

I have a question that instead of receiving the Internet from the host machine to the Whonix gateway through NAT, will it be more safe or better to actually use an wireless adapter usb to get the Internet directly in the gateway and turn off the internet in the host machine so that the connection does not have to go through the host machine anymore and only wrap in whonix system

Cool idea but…

The Host OS has to be the most secure part of your system. All of your VMs, including Whonix, depend on the host being locked down. Hence, the recommendation to not use the host for anything other than hosting the hypervisor. If you are performing risky activities, like web surfing, on the host and think that bypassing it will increase the security of your VMs, you might want to reconsider.

This introduces to the mix: wireless security, usb security, and perhaps, nonfree firmware. The only scenario where this might make sense is if you (somehow) know that the wireless provider is trustworthy and the ethernet provider is not?? (and then you’d have to decide whether to use wireless in the Host or the Gateway).