Different IP in Whonix Workstation Tor Browser than a custom Whonix Workstation's regular browser?

I’m running two workstations now, just for experimenting and learning.

One workstation is on .11 and one is on .12. Different MAC addresses.

Both seem to work fine, but I’m struggling with the idea of Tor over Tor vs. regular Tor. It isn’t clear to me if this is actually working correctly.

So I decided to do a simple test:

Start the Tor Browser in the Whonix Workstation (the one that comes bundled with it, found under the Internet menu in Whonix Workstation XFCE.

I also start regular Firefox in a custom Whonix workstation.

Then I refresh simultaneously check.torproject.org and I get completely different IP addresses on the two Whonix workstations.

Is this behavior expected?

I’m worried that my Whonix Workstation’s Tor Browser is running Tor over Tor.

Do I simply completely fail to understand how the Whonix Gateway works? Does the Whonix Gateway create a separate Tor circuit for each workstation?

Yes, See https://whonix.org/wiki/Stream_Isolation

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Tor default: IsolateClientAddr