Different colors in Whonix-GW and Whonix-WS

Consider to change the terminal colors in Whonix-GW and Whonix-WS to reduce the risk of (OPSEC) mistakes, because mistakes happens? It would be great if all Whonix users uses the same standard colors in the terminal in the respective VM due to the risk of OPSEC failure, like posting a screenshot and “stand out” or entering wrong command in wrong VM. Maybe diffrent font colors too.

For more information, please read: qubes-os[dot]org/doc/getting-started/#color–security

Color Whonix-WS: ColorForeground=#3333d1d17a7a
Color Whonix-GW: ColorForeground=#e0e01b1b2424

Config location: ~/.config/xfce4/terminal/terminalrc

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I didn’t check colors or if that works yet but generally this might be a good idea. We already set different desktop background images for Whonix-Gateway, Whonix-Workstation and Kicksecure.

Might be possible to do for new builds.

Updating this for existing users might be too difficult:

Technical challenge for users who upgrade. Not even for changing the background color. But for not breaking APT…

File /etc/skel/.config/xfce4/terminal/terminalrc is currently owned by package usability-misc.

Migrating that file to be owned by different packages from Whonix-Gateway, Whonix-Workstation and Kicksecure would be difficult.

Whonix / Kicksecure ™ Package Design

Package anon-gw-base-files trying to update the file while usability-misc hasn’t upgraded yet would break APT since it would think both packages try to own the same file which is forbidden. Resolving that is non-trivial.

Therefore unless someone helps, this will take a while.

An easier way to manage this could be something like this: SSH Environment Specific Terminal Background Colors · Bryan Gilbert's Blog

However it requires zsh shell instead of bash

I don’t think we should change the default shell just because of this.

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