Difference between Torifying Other Operating Systems and running Other Operating System in Workstation

What are cons and pros of Torify Other Operating Systems(ex Windows) and installing virtualbox in Virtualbox Whonix Workstation or KVM Whonix Workstation and run Windows in Workstation ?

Second question What’s difference between chaining using “User > Tor > Proxy > Internet using method from docs and Torify Other Operating System” AND
User > Tor (Whonix Workstation) > Internet
Inside Whonix Workstation
A Virtualbox installed and a VM with any OS(ex Windows) > Proxify VM using OS settings

There can be some leaks or errors or regarding Whonix Gateway there should be no leaks ?


Yes, I know about this documentation sections. Just asking if method 2 is possible ? Installing a Vbox in Whonix Workstation and change proxy settings using settings of OS installed in VM. Asking if it may leak or will have some major errors like leak my real ip etc

Nested Virtualization is ok. Leaks are no more likely than without Nested Virtualization.

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