Difference between EXE and OVA file

For Windows users there are two files available for download: EXE and OVA. What is the difference, which one should be used?

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This Whonix Windows Installer whonix-installer.exe contains the Whonix.ova images but is much simpler to intstall and configure. (only difference is simplicity ) Whats more the whonix-installer.exe also provides a simple user interface (UI) that allows you to start and stop both Whonix VMs by clicking the button.


The Whonix ™ Windows Installer was developed with a focus on providing users with an fast and easy method to install Whonix ™ in Microsoft Windows. This gives users the opportunity to experiment with Whonix ™ in a familiar environment without the necessity of complex virtual machine imports or host operating system changes. When the whonix-installer.exe is executed, the latest VirtualBox version and both Whonix ™ VMs are seamlessly installed on the Windows machine. From there, users can immediately start using Whonix ™ with no further configuration required.[2]

Its your choice what package to download :slight_smile:


Thank you for your answer.

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