Did i leak my real ip ?

I was working with whonix, have been running workstation and gateway. Suddenly my gateway freezes, so i decided to reboot it. I left my workstation running, my internet connection dropped on it, but when gateway almost boot up(no gui i use console mode) i saw that workstation get back online!
My concern is that workstation goes online when gateway is half way booted. Can that leak my real ip ? I mean, if gateway not fully booted maybe there is not all services booted who must be booted. I have been running whonix-workstation and windows 7 when that happen. I hope someone understands what i’m trying to ask. Cheers

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That’s not possible, if you didn’t change anything about the WS, it can only connect to the GW.

Like I’ve said, what you described is not possible.

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hey samething happened to me too. My gateway freezed and in the process of booting itself my worksation was online and working. To check if there is any leak in the connection I tried by pausing and shutdown the gateway my workstation internet failed.

SO my guess is through the NAT even before gateway is connected to tor whonix might be leaking user’s IP

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Answer as above still valid.

No one ever managed to make a Whonix-Workstation show its own external IP address. Without or without Whonix-Gateway being started. [1]

[1] Changing network settings of Whonix-Workstation outside the VM from internal network to NAT does not count.

well the settings are deafult as imported the whonix VM.
whonix adapter 1 -> Nat & 2-> internal whonix network
workstation -> whonix internal network only (and all other networks are disabled)

and if this is correct what might go wrong?

However I didn’t find any leak in the IP though. But still doesn’t make sense, when I checked the gateway and workstation side by side like reloading my browser youtube[com], during the bootup process itself my pretty slowest workstation vm displayed all the contents.

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Tor on gateway is ready before desktop graphical user interface.