Dial-up gateway to North Korea over HyperTerminal etc - reality?

hi! there was few thoughts about selling such kind of traff, cause cost of sip to North Korea is almost free))

why is not realized yet, there are working cellulars which is anyway digital, faxes, even local internet - so seems IP traffic is not cutted itself, thoughts?))

sure I am not willin to make it cause of my own business but seems interesting in means of censoring=)

Hi are you (north) Korean?

What kind of services do you mean? Can you post an example?

AFAIK the few consumer devices authorized in DPRK are locked down and only connect to a local intranet. The only terminals with outside access are almost definitely government controlled and connect via China.

lol they have 28 sites and even no intrAnet for public, there nothin to hack damn:slightly_smiling_face: