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after running tcpdump for sometime I’m getting the impression that there is a bug somewhere in TBB. Many commands strings are being deformed even other ones that don’t concern: SIGNAL NEWNYM. Sometimes SIGNAL NEWNYM becomes just GNAL NEWNYM

GETINFO status/bootstrap-phase QUIT GETINFO status/circuit-established QUIT 42(@ (2)@ )2*@ )2+@ )2,@ +2-@ HENE )2.@ -2/@ ICATEE )20@ )21@ +22@ assE )23@ )24@ *25@ )26@ )27@ (28@ )29@ D2:@ ETINFO net/listeners/socks (2;@ (2<@ 1T+l 1T:w assword IGNAL NEWNYM 1T2y ENTICATE pas sword GNAL NEWNYM 1TR< 1TaU sword IGNAL NEWNYM 4{o@ 1Tw+ ({p@ ){q@ *{r@ ){s@ *{t@ 1Tf: *{u@ 1TI< ){v@ ){w@ *{x@ ,{y@ pas: +{z@ swo: ,{{@ ({|@ ){}@ *{~@ NEW: