Derivative-Maker: Whonix-Host-XFCE: Missing whonix-host-packages-dependencies-pre


  • I usually build Whonix-Host ISO using personal Live-Build scripts
  • Attempting to use Derivative-Maker for Whonix-Host, Gateway and Workstation instead
  • Gateway & Workstation qcow2 images built successfully and renamed appropriately
  • Maker fails to build Whonix-Host due to missing package(s)
  1. Failed on: whonix-host-packages-dependencies-pre
  2. Failed on: whonix-host-xfce-vbox-freedom, whonix-host-xfce-vbox-nonfreedom
  • Missing packages added to dist_build_script_skip_package_install (to further isolate issue)
dist_build_script_skip_package_install+=" whonix-host-packages-dependencies-pre "
dist_build_script_skip_package_install+=" whonix-host-xfce-vbox-freedom "
dist_build_script_skip_package_install+=" whonix-host-xfce-vbox-nonfreedom "
  • Maker fails to build Whonix-Host due to missing /var/lib/libvirt directory
error while converting qcow2: Could not create '/home/user/derivative-binary/Whonix-Host-XFCE_live-build/chroot/var/lib/libvirt/images/Whonix-Gateway.qcow2': No such file or directory

Build System: Debian 11 XFCE (Bare Metal)

Git Clone Command:
git clone --depth=1 --branch --jobs=4 --recurse-submodules --shallow-submodules

Derivative-Maker Commands (--allow-uncommitted true for initial tests):
~/derivative-maker/derivative-maker --flavor whonix-gateway-xfce --target qcow2 --arch amd64 --repo true --allow-uncommitted true --build
~/derivative-maker/derivative-maker --flavor whonix-workstation-xfce --target qcow2 --arch amd64 --repo true --allow-uncommitted true --build
~/derivative-maker/derivative-maker --flavor whonix-host-xfce --target iso --arch amd64 --repo true --allow-uncommitted true --freedom false --build

Note: Full logs are saved locally but too large for pastebin. Pasting relevant snippets instead.

Derivative-Maker Log 1
Note: Failed due to missing package: whonix-host-packages-dependencies-pre. Ignored error and continued build.

Derivative-Maker Log 2
Note: Failed due to missing packages whonix-host-xfce-vbox-freedom, whonix-host-xfce-vbox-nonfreedom. Aborted build and cleaned up.

Derivative-Maker Log 3
Note: Added missing packages to dist_build_script_skip_package_install. Failed due to missing /var/lib/libvirt directory. Aborted build.

Resolvable? I’ve reached a roadblock in my search for references to whonix-host-packages-dependencies-pre and the package itself. Also are the whonix-host-xfce-vbox-freedom and whonix-host-xfce-vbox-nonfreedom packages even necessary when using qcow2 Gateway and Workstation images?

I found the whonix-host-packages-dependencies-pre package, somehow missing it listed in the Whonix repository (Meta package anyways). Although I’m still trying to figure out exactly why these packages come up missing during the build process.

Not yet implemented. Not fixable as long as Whonix-Host development is incomplete.

Once that changes the following wiki page as well as Whonix homepage will be updated as well as announcements in the usual channels will be made.

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