/ Denied: r logfile: /var/log/kern.log (denying download to file system folder)

hi there , as i was trying to download images using tor browser i pressed on File System folder then directly a denied message appeared and the apparmor popped up with this message:-

its a good thing to c a deniable download to the file system but wouldnt be better to remove the direction from the downloading page instead of just its there with denied access to it? or this is something in tor browser and whonix doesnt has the ability to play with ?

We do not have the ability to play with this. That is the way Tor Browser (firefox) is designed.

By the way, the default download directory is /home/user/tor-browser_[LANG]/Browser/Downloads/. For convenience and consistency with standard Firefox / Iceweasel, it can be changed to /home/user/Downloads/ in TBB preferences.

aha , i c thnx

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