Defining gateway route to clearnet.


This is the situation, im running devuan and im using mullvad vpn for this month. Mullvad blocked tor nodes, this force me to try to learn linux networking basics.

So first I cant obviously get the gateway connected to tor, so I tried to passthrough eth0 but whonix still gets static ip to check on interfaces file but nothing defined). But I dont think that its secure running gateway directly on NIC, right?

So my idea was use mullvad for browsing and routing NIC external gateway network to clearnet not to vpn iface. Can someone try to help me solve this problem, i really want to learn where all my connections go.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Some info:
Devuan: sysvint bookworm fork stable
Libvirt + qemu/kvm
Using mullvad app.
Iface : eth0 -192.168.x.0/24

This question is much too difficult. In my experience it seems in this case highly unlikely that anyone knows / answers this for free.

This can most likely only be resolved as per:

You probably need to figure this out yourself or pay somebody to figure this out. (Not me.)

If you find it out, please post the solution here.

Note: I am not a maintainer of Whonix KVM.

I found a solution, but I dont know if it is secure.

I left the default internal whonix brdige, but in the gateway I replaced Whonix-External, with a macvtap to my iface. So the Whonix/Gateway is public to the network. Im still studing how I can do this.

I nmap the IP and it doesnt leak anything. I think its not safe, (or yes because whonix_firewall is better settup than mine).

Please I would like to recieve some opinions about this setup.