Default password not working on Gateway

I never changed the password and “changeme” is not working on whonix gateway. What’s going on? Do I need to update the gateway or just the workstation?

Post-installation Security Advice chapter Change Password in Whonix wiki

1. Change Keyboard Layout if necessary.

2. Review Test Keyboard Layout before proceeding further.

I guess you didn’t read my comment correctly. “changeme” does not work as the password.

The changeme you think you’re typing might not actually be the changeme which is understood by the operating system. This confusion can come from different keyboard layouts.

Therefore… Please confirm you applied these two steps:

Yes I ran nano ~/testfile and all of the words are typing properly. Changeme works in the workstation just not in the gateway.

I find this highly unlikely. Unless something going on which I cannot understand, if this was the case then this would have happened before and been reported by many users. Therefore I suspect user error, i.e. changing it and then forgetting.


Another option is to boot into recovery mode and change passwords there.

Or perform a factory reset.

(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)

I am not lying and fairly computer literate. I am able to use changeme and update on the workstation of whonix but again the gateway does not accept changeme as the password. I guess I can try and delete the workstation and reinstall it idk. Thanks for your help.