debootstick - Turn a chroot environment into a bootable image

debootstick looks interesting.

  • ready to be used (no installation step)
  • viable in the long-term, fully upgradable (including the kernel and the bootloader)
  • compatible with BIOS and UEFI systems (PC) or Raspberry Pi boards

Quote Installation Media · drakkar-lig/debootstick Wiki · GitHub

One can generate installation media by using debootstick option --system-type installer.

On first boot, and after a confirmation, this will cause the whole live OS to be moved (not copied, check-out section INSTALLATION MEDIA of the man page for more information) to the internal disk of the machine.

Note: images generated without this option also have the ability to perform this live migration, by running script /opt/debootstick/live/init/

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