Debian qube routed thru sys-whonix

Hi, I’m running a new Qubes install, and I just set up a qube for a social media account. The qube is Debian, but routed first thru sys-whonix instead of sys-firewall. The social media account is accessed thru Firefox (and I have an add-on that prevents me from visiting any other website). The main idea here is to reduce the number of clicks I have to do.

A friend has expressed a concern that I will lose some anonymity this way, however, because I am not using Tor Browser. What kind of information, exactly, might be leaked? I am mainly concerned about location data, the ISP for the host of the website I am visiting, and my own ISP, but it would be good to know exactly what issues might crop up.

Anonymize Other Operating Systems chapter Security Comparison: Whonix ™-Download-Workstation vs. Whonix-Custom-Workstation ™ in Whonix wiki